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Everybody Has A Book in Them: Let us help you get it out of you Effectively, Efficently and Economically!
Write it in a week. Perfect and Publish it in less than 90 days  ​​​​​​​
Hi, I'm Johnny "Macknificent" Mack.  I recently released my 20th BestSelling Book'  I have also helped over 125 other aspiring Authors Produce, Publish and Profit from a Best Selling Book.  
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Yes you can Publish a Best Selling book in 90 days or less with the GPS system:
7 Secrets to
​​​​​​​Get Published Successfully

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Johnny "Macknificent" Mack
CEO / Founder
Get Published Successfully
I created the GPS System to assist Speakers, Coaches, Pastors, and Entrepreneurs "Get Published Successfully" 
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We're going to show you...
How to  use the From Course to Completion process that is fun, easy and doable
How to create a natural outline that becomes the chapters to your book. 
How use FREE tools to edit, transcribe and publish your book.
How to create the content to your book without writing a single word
How to be assured that your book will be a Best Seller
How to properly use Social Media to market and promote your book 
How to discover and use the "19 Avenues of Revenue" available to Best Selling Authors
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How to develop cutting edge products in less time with smaller teams
Johnny MACKnificent
CEO / Founder
GPS: Get Published School
Everybody has a book in them.  Let GPS get yours out!
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We're going to show you...
How to get paid to produce and publish a book
How to create a movement that naturally births a product that everyone wants to buy
How to turn people's questions, comments, frustrations, and feedback into solid income
How to determine whether you are ready to write a book
Warning: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for...even though they are free.
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